RENEW – Cityscape-s

CITYSCAPE-S A collection of Artists’ reactions to the changing urban landscape
Exhibition 4 August to 22 August 2008 9.00am – 5.00pm, Weekdays only

The participating artists, architects and environmentalists are:
Andy Brown (Digital City) / Philip Courtenay (e-space) live video links with Shanghai, Damascus & Gadansk / Gladys Masey (Public Art Installation on Wood Street Pavement) / Mike Hatjoullis (Paradise Paintings) / Moira Kenny (The Great Wall of China) / Philip Lo (Public Art Installation on Wood Street Pavement) / Rob Macdonald (Concept & Curator) / Rachel Newton (Chromacity) Photography & Painting / Peter Philips (Urban Drawings) / ‘pool (Shrinking Cities) / (Graphic Design) / Peter Betts (drawings from Hanover Street)


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