Red Wire – Slowness

image‘Slowness’ 15th- 21st November 2008 Thur-Sun 12-18.00
Featuring live work from Hanna Tuulikki in collaboration with James Lee and Laura Cooper.
Six International Artists working with Video and Live Art.

Closing Event: Friday 21st November 2008 19.00

imageLaura Cooper- Bangkok
Giles Bailey and Jens Strandberg- Glasgow/London
Birgit Deubner- Liverpool/London
Rhian Russell in collaboration with Nick Wright- Liverpool/ Edinburgh
Hanna Tuulikki in Collaboration with James Lee- Glasgow
Kai-Oi Jay Yung in collaboration with Neil Campbell and Mark Pilkington- Liverpool

Slowness is an exhibition that presents six young international artists who work with video and live art. Often collaborating with musicians, writers and other none art counterparts, the artists will converge on Red Wire Gallery, with the joint intention of subverting and reinterpreting our conventional perceptions of time based artworks.

Slowness is the first moving image and live art project to be held at Red Wire Gallery. It is curated by Vanessa Bartlett