Red Wire – Milk Two Sugars

milk two sugarsMilk, Two Sugars present YOUR ART SHOW. “Probably the best thing that will ever happen.”
Exhibition June 20 to July 4 2008

The visual zinesters creators present their first Liverpool solo show, a mix of comic humour and audience participation while questioning the nature of authorship, commodities, ownership and creation of artwork.

Bob Milner and Tom Senior aka Milk, Tow Sugars hail from Huddersfield and will present ‘Your Art Show’- an interactive/ audience participatory exhibition at Red Wire on June 20th-July 04 2008.
Questioning issues of a works ownership, authorship and artistic presence with pieces they have little input on.
M2S are known mainly for their artzines, and they will be making and handing out a new zine (with free gift) on the night.
There will be bottled rewards for all participants.

Milk Two Sugars

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