Red Wire – Daniel Johnston: Fear Yourself

imageDaniel Johnston: Fear Yourself. Exhibition 18 October – 2 November 2008
Cult American musician and artist Daniel Johnston exhibits work which sheds light on his own universe


imageDaniel Johnston. Fear Yourself. Daniel Johnston is a singer, songwriter and artist. From the release of his first album ‘Songs of Pain’ in 1981 to his inclusion in the Whitney Biennial in 2006, his work has inspired audiences and led to collaborations with fellow artists including Yo La Tengo, Jad Fair, Larry Clark and Sonic Youth.

This exhibition aims to highlight the recurring themes, characters and belief systems within his work and in a career that spans over twenty years. His visual art presents us with an evolving mythological universe made up of characters from his childhood passion for superheroes, Godzilla, King Kong and Bible stories. It shows a world in which there are battles between good and evil, with a pathos, simplicity and undeniable humour.

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