Rathbone Studio Gallery: Famous for Fifteen Minutes

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 22.31.1715 December 2014

15:00 – 15:15


Pop art genius Andy Warhol famously prophesised that one day everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Rathbone Gallery are set to take him up on his word.

Wirral’s Rathbone Studio Gallery stands on the site of the Della Robbia design centre that was founded by their namesake Harold Rathbone exactly 120 years ago this month.

To commemorate the anniversary of a true Merseyside maverick, the Rathbone is staging a unique exhibition that will last only fifteen minutes.

At 15.00 on Monday 15 December, painters, sculptors and potters can turn up and be celebrated for quarter of an hour in a film that will be made of the event. Later, the film will be shown at galleries across the UK showcasing the participants’ work. The public are invited to attend the brief exhibition, and it won’t take much time from their Christmas shopping schedule… only 15 minutes.


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