Open Eye – ‘The Rolling Exhibition’ Kevin Connolly /DaDaFest 09

dada-Kevin-Connolly-100‘The Rolling Exhibition’ Kevin Connolly part of DaDaFest 09
17 November – 5 December 2009
Kevin Connolly
, a photographer who has no legs and uses a skateboard for transportation, has photographed people’s reaction to him across 15 countries and 31 cities. He has captured what he calls the “universal stare”; the imperfect moment of that glance is intriguingly and imaginatively recorded in this collection. 

The Rolling Exhibition reprises the exhibition of the same name that was showcased by DaDaFest 08, incorporating four new photographs that were taken during his stay in Liverpool last year.

Kevin’s book, ‘Double Take: a Memoir’, which documents his photographic journey and experiences as a disabled artist, will be on sale from October this year.

Please visit his website for more information:

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Kevin Connolly


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