Open Eye – ‘Out of Body’

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Out of Body
Jan 25 to April 2 (Extended) 2008

a newly commissioned exhibition of photography and moving image works that explore, manipulate and reflect upon the human body.

The exhibition looks at the relationship between biological and photographic time, contrasting the continuous life cycle with the still photographic instant. Rejecting the rules of traditional portraiture, Out of Body does not attempt to capture the human body in a stable visual form. Instead it expresses the resistance of our bodies to being coded or transcribed in any way, and the limitations of the technologies we design for such purposes.

During a trip to Tasmania, Yannick Demerle (France) made long-exposure photographs of himself in gloomy, TV-lit motel rooms. He now presents these images in negative, giving them a lingering, spectral feeling. Namiko Kitaura (Japan) takes us on another journey of self-exploration. She creates a digital animation of herself suspended in a ‘healing pool’, in which tiny fish remove the dead skin from her body. The stillness of this piece contrasts with the frantic movement of Douglas Gordon’s (UK) video in which isolated body parts take on a life of their own. Combining photography and sculpture, Naia del Castillo (Spain) focuses on the trapped body and its struggle for release, while Valie Export (Austria) tracks the image of the female body as it is transmitted, transferred and fragmented by various media.

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Gallery Events:

In Conversation: Naia del Castillo, Yannick Demmerle, Namiko Kitaura and Monica Nunez

Friday 25 Jan, 2pm

The three youngest artists featured in Out of Body will introduce their work and talk about their involvement in the exhibition with curator Monica Nunez.

Free event

Perspectives on Out of Body: Cathy Butterworth

Saturday 16 Feb, 2pm

An informal gallery talk by performance and live art specialist Cathy Butterworth. (formerly Live Art Curator at the Bluecoat and part-time lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University.

Free event

Still Cinema screening: Lightweights

Wednesday 6 Feb, 6.30pm

Valie Export, The Practice of Love (1984)

An extraordinary anti-romance thriller in which the human body serves as an improvised screen for projected images.

Free event