Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Open Eye: Michael Mackenzie: Valley of Light

To coincide with Open Eye Gallery’s current exhibition Breaking the Code of Silence, Redeye brings you a talk by Michael MacKenzie on his project Valley of Light. Michael will discuss this unfinished body of work, which explores his Italian mother’s life in a small village in Southern Italy, Valleluce.

Through the use of landscape and still life photography Michael Mackenzie has documented the places and spaces his mother would regularly frequent in her daily life during her educational, domestic, social, religious and leisure times. The work is a personal journey to give Michael a better understanding of his mother’s life and surroundings when she was growing up and how these shaped her life before she came over to England in the 1950s.

This ongoing work also explores the migration of other Italians from Southern Italy to the North West of England and in particular Michael’s continuing work with the Italian community in Ancoats (Little Italy), Manchester.