Open Eye: Impossible Images

Impossible Images14 November 2013

17.30 – 19.00


Professor Robert Burgoyne will give a talk exploring the challenges of representing war in images.

With the film Restrepo and images from the Open Eye exhibition at the centre of his analysis, he will consider how the body in war serves as a special means of representation, a vehicle of emotion and a catalyst for critical debate.  In the contemporary period the representation of war has been dominated by the imagery of remote targeting, digital media and what one writer has called “the battle of the screens.”  In a context where war is felt and fought “at a distance,” the work of Tim Hetherington emphasises the power and value of corporeal imagery in shaping our perceptions of war.

Professor Robert Burgoyne
Professor Robert Burgoyne

Robert Burgoyne is Professor of Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews.  His recent publications include Film Nation: Hollywood Looks at U. S. History: Revised and Expanded Edition and The Epic Film in World Culture.

The talk is FREE however booking is required as places are limited.

To book your ticket either proceed online to the check- out:

( or call the gallery on 0151 236 6768


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