Open Eye Gallery: Philosophy in the Gallery

unnamed-52 December 2014


Free, booking required

As part of “Philosophy in the Gallery” series in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and the British Society of Aesthetics, Dr Panayiota Vassilopoulou leads an evening of talks and discussion around instant image making, mechanical reproduction, photography and aesthetics.

Dr Vassilopoulou is the philosopher in residence at the Bluecoat, running a series of lectures on aesthetics for beginners since January 2014.

Dr Vassilopoulou said: “What fascinates me about art galleries that are located in city centres, is that they make us think about what distinguishes a work of art from other objects, and this is another way of asking, what is the value of art? What is the difference between seeing something, often the very same object, as art when part of an exhibition, but as an ordinary object – a commodity – when in a shop window display?

For more information, email or phone 0151 236 6768.


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