Open Eye Gallery: Louis Quail: Globalisation & Personalisation

Rcgw5T8Ofgg2IUdQ4jiVl9YbR1z7XxTOJjWTqbYlzdU23 June 2015


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Quail talks about his series Desk Job and his observations on globalisation, accompanied by Dr Firat Cengiz, senior lecturer in law at the Liverpool Economic Governance Unit.

“The work here explores office life around the globe. Office life, perversely, can be beguiling: the furniture, rituals, dress code – mundane but fascinating – if one knows where to look. What this project is really about however, is globalisation.  Wherever we are, office life is similar: we share the same computers (Dell, IBM) and software (Microsoft); we even work for the same companies owned by other companies we have probably never heard of. Lenvo is the second biggest maker of computers acquiring IBM in 2005, and who has heard of them?  The technology and information revolutions have continued the processes started in the industrial revolution; unifying and simplifying human procedure. Work in the office like factory work is often reduced to a series of simple interactions.” – Louis Quail

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