New Slaughterhouse – Invisible Lives


Invisible Lives. Joanna Biela Garrido, from 15 October 2008
An installation of tiny photographs directly on the streets of Garston


Artist Walk around Garston – departs the gallery 7pm (wrap up warm – torches provided)

Domino playing at the Derby Pub from 8pm

Acting like a paparazzi photographer Joanna Biela Garrido takes photographs of people from a distance so they don’t know they are being captured, and has a collection of imagery of anonymous citizens from around the world. During the week of October 13th Joanna will begin to install numerous tiny photographs of these unknown people across Garston directly in the streets and alleyways of the village which will be left in situ until somebody cares to remove them. The photographs will be positioned low down to the ground (on the sides of buildings, steps and walls) and will be barely visible, akin to the people they represent. Yet as they form part of an exhibition and are meant to be found, their audience now makes an extra effort to look for the people they would usually ignore on the street.


Joanna will also specially adapt sets of dominoes from each of the pubs in Garston who still have or advertise as having them available to play, replacing the numbers with the faces from her collection. By tampering with existing social systems that are supposed to bring together the community in order to question the very nature of such modes of unity, the Invisible Lives project will merge the serendipitous and the deliberate, forcing the audience to become players in a much bigger game.

This project was facilitated by Kevin Hunt, Rita Slater and Agnieszka Kulazinska

For further information please contact Kevin Hunt: 07761573889 or Rita Slater: 07906354676

The New Slaughterhouse Gallery 0151 427 9995
50 St Mary’s Road, Garston, L19 2JD
Open Tuesday to Saturday 1 pm – 5pm


Invisible Lives is the first of three distinct projects happening on the streets of Garston during Liverpool Biennial 2008, resulting from a reciprocal exchange with partner organisations, artists and curators in Gdansk, Poland. It is part of For The Likes Of Us… an exchange programme between the Biennial Big Table partners and ‘corresponding’ organisations across Europe, contributing towards the objectives of the Cities on the Edge network, created by Liverpool Culture Company as an outcome of its nomination as European Capital of Culture 2008.