TOMTOM Cover Photo6 – 28 September 2014

Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment


Private View: 5 September 6-9pm

TOMTOM is the second in a series of independent curated group exhibitions presented in the city during Liverpool Biennial 2014.

Tom Esam / Tom Gidley / Tom Goddard / Tom Ireland / Tom Nolan / Tom Prater / Tom Smith / Tom Whittle / Tom Worsfold

By examining and simultaneously exposing the profusion of artists with the name Tom operating in the UK today, TOMTOM proposes the fortuitous be used as a springboard for the meaningful, resulting in an exhibition as a multi-situated arena for discourse and experience.

Allowing the idiosyncrasies of such an exercise to highlight the superlative, TOMTOM occupies the geographical locations and working situations of Tom’s throughout England, Scotland and Wales whilst concurrently assembling sculpture, painting, film, drawing, audio installation, photography and various interventional practices together in Liverpool by 9 of the most interesting Tom’s.

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