Model: Combines #2

COMBINES #227 – 31 August 2014


Open Wednesday to Sunday 12pm till 6pm or by appointment




Preview Tuesday 26 August 6 – 9pm

COMBINES #2, the second of six experimental three person exhibitions housed within our second gallery space opens next week!

Frances Disley / Linny Venables / Hannah Knox

Speaking in 2007 about his seminal 1953 work Erased De Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg said ‘I kept making drawings myself and erasing them and that just looked like an erased, umm, Rauschenberg… it was nothing. So I figured out it had to begin as art, so I thought its got to be a De Kooning then, if its going to be an important piece.’

Appropriating Rauschenberg’s methodology here, MODEL presents COMBINES, a series of 6 brief experiments, inviting a Liverpool based artist to subsequently invite 2 further artists to work with, selecting existing work by one of the artists to ‘recontextualise’ within an exhibition context and working alongside the other artist to further this process. What results will be unknown, or as Rauschenberg might have said… ‘Poetry.’ / @modelliverpool / Facebook