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Mocha Lounge – Hanging in the Balance

mocha-100Independents-short-100 Hanging in the Balance
16 September – 28 November 2010

Collis International presents an art exhibition curated by Chantelle Townley. At the dawn of a new decade, a new generation of artists are emerging. The new creatives showcase a unique collection of works, displaying some of the most cutting edge themes and techniques, encompassing a variety of different subjects and mediums.

Exhibiting artists include;
Adam Higgins – Adams modern representations of iconic images are both bold and vibrant.

Catherine Sherratt – Using photography as the primary method of collecting imagery, Catherine produces paintings that depict everyday scenes. These scenes are usually overlooked or regarded as mundane, capturing people in their everyday lives.

Holly Bonner – Holly’s work comes from a desire to model her own personal bed sheet. The sheet which is distressed and worn-in from a time of illness and unrest is taken out of context and confinement from its own habitat.

Kelly Mullin- Kelly displays her talents as a new contemporary fashion designer.

Kerri Ann McMurray – Kerri’s work takes on the form of black ink drawings with flashes of colour, and is inspired by a variety of thoughts and ideas. Focusing on images taken from vintage childrens literature, and plays on the stereotypes of old fashioned ideals they present.

Liam Dickinson
– Liam is a portrait/figure artist, working primarily in oil paint to portray a variety of subject matter. He uses a combination of intricate and loose brushwork to create an energy and liveliness to the finished piece.

Lizzie Jones
– Lizzie’s work explores the idea of life systems, interconnectivity and alternative realities through drawings of plant like forms. The drawings integrate the real world with the imaginary through her hybridising of human characteristics with those of plants.

Mark Pearson – Mark Pearson’s work is a series of monochrome paintings of figures emerging from the darkness, hiding their identity for one reason or another, to give a powerful atmosphere. The images have been taken from films based on true events.                                                                             

‘ The New Creatives highlights new contemporary practices with high end ideas and designs. ‘Hanging In The Balance’ celebrates new young artists from around the country executing a powerfull and imposing variety of artworks, which will engage the minds and eyes of the audience’ – Chantelle Townley, Curator.

Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.

Open: Daily 09.00 – 17.00
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