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Mocha Lounge – ‘Being Still’

Collis International Presents ‘Being Still’ at The Mocha Lounge. 25 March – 2 May 2011.
An exhibition of contemporary paintings by Chantelle Townley. Barely a year out of art school, Chantelle Townley is already an emerging figure in Liverpool’s thriving art scene.

She has undertakenlocal commissions and worked with many organisations heading events,teaching and curating  exhibitions, including the last two we have hosted in the Mocha Lounge. There are no limits to her commitment and enthusiasm towards local artists; but for the first time Chantelle is exhibiting a collection of her own works in a solo show displaying the talent with which she earned her degree in fine art.

The work is a subtle blend of abstract expressionism and romanticism with a twist of the Neo Dada. The paintings have been built up with light colour washes and often finished with bold brushstrokes accentuating form within a dreamscape of otherwise pallid notions.

Chantelle Townley writes;
‘My work is based around my own daily experience and the visuals I encounter. My interest in the sky focuses on form, colour and changeability. My compositions capture a specific moment in time and allow me to express this through paint. I have found myself connected with the sky and its existence, realising over time how much it affects my peace of mind and even my everyday life.
‘My paintings use subtle colour tones to create an ambient feeling of being still. I document the sky by taking photographs I then translate into large paintings which I visually transfer my own interpretation of the sky onto canvas. My aim is to engulf and affect the audience with a feeling of peace and tranquillity through ‘art’.’

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Three Skies – Chantelle Townley