Microzine – Jaws – the Exhibition


Jaws – The Exhibition
Opens Friday 1 August 2008, continues through August

Microzine has joined forces with renowned ‘Jaws’ movie fan, archivist and collector, Edward McCormack to launch ‘Jaws – The Exhibition’.

A former moderator of the Jawsmovie.com forum, Edward now runs the website jawsmoviearchives.com and is a site administrator on ‘The Jaws Board’ forum, as well as cultivating one of the most extensive and wide-ranging collections of ‘Jaws’ memorabilia worldwide, ranging from original movie posters to actual movie props and even the odd severed limb….

A prominent local and international figure on the ‘Jaws’ event scene, veteran of ‘JAWSFEST 05’ and organiser of the first official UK Jaws fan meet in 2007, Edward is understandingly thrilled at the chance to team up with Microzine, and the two have collaborated to produce a new range of limited and exclusive merchandise.

Edward was a contributor to the E! TV Network feature production ‘Jaws: The True Hollywood Story’ and features in the forthcoming and definitive feature on the movie “The Shark Is Still Working” narrated by the late Roy Scheider, he brings his collection together with his extensive knowledge of the film which ‘changed his life’ to Microzine.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Microzine….


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