Microzine – Anthony Brown

imageAnthony Brown 08
Opens May 28 2008

Critically acclaimed Liverpool-born artist Anthony Brown (100 Heads Thinking As One) has teamed up with visionary lifestyle store Microzine to produce a stunning exhibition of Anthony’s new work.

Anthony, who has become increasingly part of the fabric of art in Liverpool,
is thrilled at this exciting link-up and sees this as a great opportunity to
bring his creativity to a new audience.

‘Anthony Brown 08 @ Microzine’ will be unveiled at the Bold Street flagship
store on the evening of the 28th of May 2008. The exhibition features a
newly created, colour-infused portfolio of images across several mediums;
from canvas to ceramic and beaker to sneaker, some of which will be
available to purchase in limited numbers.



This date also sees the commemorative launch of Microzine founder and
footwear designer Chris Lee’s long awaited debut shoe for Microzine, in
collaboration with Anthony; ‘Atlantic Skylines’ – Number 1 in Microzine’s
‘Artist Series’ Limited Edition shoes.

With the expectation that such a partnership will prove to be a major
attraction both locally and internationally, an opportunity arises to be a
part of what could be a highlight of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture