MelloMello: Hello Mello

1920211_10203330438722680_2064532438_n18 April – late June 2014 Hello Mello is a joint exhibition conceived by the 3 artists resident in the MelloMello building. The exhibition is about introducing the studio to Mello’s clientèle, in order to let folk know that there are other projects and groups that are resident above the cafe/bar venue. Featured artists: Paul Burns – Ambidexter Surreal/slapstick canvas based relief sculptures Virginia Chandler Ethereal & textured glitterscapes. Chris Fairrie – Zombieking Dark, disturbed and generally unpleasant illustrations. Rather than having a private viewing on the first night, MelloMello have opted to have a party to celebrate the exhibition and to say thanks to all the friends who have supported the artists’ endeavours in these last few years. The night is open to all, starting off relatively low key with an acoustic band – incase anyone wants to actually talk about the art. There will also be a second band and a couple of DJs lined up too. More information can be found here >>


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