Monday 1 February – Saturday 12 March 2016
An exhibition of contemporary stitch by Carole Dawber

at WWT Martin Mere, Fish Lane, Burscough, Lancashire, L40 0TA
Tel:01704 895181

Note: There is an entry fee to Martin Mere but I have been told that if people explain they only want to view the exhibition this should be refunded if they leave with 50 minutes.

Planted & Picked explores the riotous tangle of colour that the garden flower brings each season through the medium of applique and stitch.

Artist Statement

I am drawn to plants for my inspiration and this has prompted my fascination with the colour, form and beauty of everyday flowers and plants. Planted and Picked explores the riotous tangle of colour that the garden flower border brings each season through the medium of applique and stitch.

Observing the first snow-drops in spring through to the heady blossoms of summer phlox, has sparked my series of garden embroideries that capture the inspiring ‘bloom’ moment that each plant owns. I have re-interpreted each bloom as it appears via hand-dyed silk in a myriad of tonal colour hues. These I have then combined, petal by petal, to represent the glorious colour of each flower using applique and traditional hand-stitch techniques.

The riot of colour that forms the backdrop of the garden border I have evolved through loosely woven backgrounds of reclaimed Liberty Prints and hand-dyed fabrics. Scatterings of contrasting coloured organza and chiffons that have then been machine stitched in place with meandering lines of rayon threads. These fabric backdrops represent the hazy, constantly changing colour that develops throughout the growing seasons of the garden border in bloom. Each piece then highlights individual flower forms, from hellebores with nestling crocus through to stately delphiniums interrupted by irreverent poppies.

The garden weed is not forgotten with dandelions and buttercups peeping out of the foliage with their unbidden impudence. Each flower form is described through individually cut petals, leaves and stems which are overlaid and hand-stitched to capture the beauty of the individually of each bloom.

I consider myself both as a textile artist and a painter, I exhibit on a regular basis throughout the Northwest and I am currently a member of Southport Contemporary Arts and the Ainsdale and Birkdale Art Club.

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Carole Dawber
Carole Dawber