LJMU: Fev Pehs Charity Auction

Bids start at £50 - Marion Deuchars
Bids start at £50 – Marion Deuchars

Friday October 4


Open to the public

Liverpool School of Art: Six of the UK’s most acclaimed graphic artists have come together to honour the life and work of the late John Young; a Senior Lecturer at The Liverpool School of Art & Design, who left a legacy of creative, conceptual and critical investigation.

Having dedicated himself to the teaching and practice of design, it seemed fitting the identity for this event should come from John’s own university work, and that it should respect his roots, as well as reflecting his unique sense of humour. “Fev pehs an’ a ingin ane an’ a’” was something he often used to say, a reference to the Dundee (where he studied) way of requesting, “Five pies and an onion one an’ all.”

Fev Pehs is an exhibition of John’s work. It is also an auction of work by six leading visual art practitioners, in aid of Cancer Research and in memory of John. Ian Anderson, Vaughan Oliver, James Jarvis, Adrian Shaughnessy, Jonathan Barnbrook and Marion Deuchars (chosen because of their connections both personal and professional to John) have each created a piece of work

Emailed bids are accepted until the bidding starts on Friday at 18:30pm. Please send emailed bids toM.S.Oshaughnessy@ljmu.ac.uk no later than 2pm Friday afternoon. The auction website can be found at: http://www.fevpehs.co.uk/




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