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Walking-through-Windows-100 Walking Through Windows Photography Exhibition – Liverpool Cathedral. 27 December 2010 – 3 January 2011. Walk into the New Year alongside noble women at Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral is inviting the public to ‘walk into the New Year’ with a reflective activity that revisits the life stories of the noble women depicted in the Cathedral windows.

From December 27th-January 3rd the Cathedral will host a special exhibition of photographs and videos of this year’s Walking Through Windows drama production that earlier this year brought to life important women such as Josephine Butler, Elizabeth Fry and Kitty Wilkinson, all of whom appear in the windows of the Cathedral’s Lady Chapel.
After learning about these inspirational women, visitors will be invited to write their own New Year pledges, inspired by those whose lives made a difference to ours. They will be invited to fill in a special card stating that ‘In 2011 I want to make a difference in…’ The finished cards will then be placed on the floor of the cathedral in the shape of a cross, symbolising a new start for a new year.

Eryl Parry, Director of Enterprise at Liverpool Cathedral said, “When we put on the drama production earlier this year, people were touched by the impact that these women made on society, and which can still be felt today. From Kitty Wilkinson, who set up the first public wash houses to Agnes Jones, who Florence Nightingale described as having led ‘one of the most valuable lives in England,’ they all sought to make a difference. We hope that people will want to follow in their footsteps and take a pledge to make difference in 2011.”

Thea Soltau, who directed the drama production added, “Everyone who was involved in bringing these noble women to life in the drama production could not help but be touched by how selfless and determined these women were. This exhibition will give people another chance to reflect on how we can take some of the qualities of these women and apply them to our own lives. The Walking through Windows production was the highlight of my year and getting to know the women has had a profound effect on my life and how I see the world around me at the end of 2010.”

No booking is required, simply arrive during stated opening hours.


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