Liverpool Cathedral: The Liverpool School Art Movement

Composition No. 5 - Mike Rickett
Composition No. 5 – Mike Rickett

21 – 27 February 2014

Private View 21 February, 18.00

Liverpool is famous for many things, among them the Beatles and its famous waterfront with its “Three Graces”.

But Liverpool also has a thriving arts culture that is arguably better known outside the UK than it is within it and this year the giants – the Royal de Luxe street theatre spectacular – are back as part of the UK’s WW1 celebrations.

The city was also the first to introduce Impressionism to a startled audience in 1905 when a new arts movement called the Sandon Society was formed.

Now, almost a hundred years later, a second arts movement has been formed in the city. It is called “The Liverpool School” and its first official exhibition will take place in Liverpool’s majestic Anglican Cathedral.

This is the first new art movement to be created anywhere for at least 40 years and like the Sandon Society the Liverpool School was formed by four graduates – three from Liverpool Hope University and one from Liverpool John Moores University.

The Liverpool School’s basic aim is to redefine urban art in hard-edge, geometric painting using the cityscape as its inspiration.

The subject of The Liverpool School’s work is city life and buildings and transportation – anything which depicts and portrays the rhythms of city life. As an aesthetic, the urban landscape may be regarded as the vision a society projects about itself into the future.

Featuring work by Mike Rickett, Gabrielle Caull, Deborah Butler and also Paul Doran.


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