Liverpool Cathedral – ‘The Litany’ : Fr Stephen Williams

litany-100‘The Litany’ : Fr Stephen Williams
21 March – 1 April 2010
An exhibition by Fr Stephen Williams, vicar of St John’s Church in Walton in the north of Liverpool, the intention of ‘The Litany’ is the exploration through mixed media of a series of images based on part of the Litany. The intention is to evoke a response, which will lead to an awakening of spiritual experience, a questioning of belief and pre-conceived ideas of the meaning of the litany.

This will demonstrate to the browser that there are many ways of interpreting and viewing well-established and familiar sets of words. The images are intended to be open to interpretation by those viewing the work, which is why the images have no title, although there is a copy of the words for people to use as they view the artwork.

This is a developing journey from dark negative images through to light and positive images from our world.

This installation is the culmination of four months work on study leave, which began in April and finished at the beginning of August this year. It is approx 35 feet long, 5 feet high and 2.5 feet deep, and is funded jointly by grants from the Diocese, Ecclesiastical Insurance and from St. Boniface Trust.

Fr Stephen Williams: having trained as a graphic designer and typographer at Liverpool College of Art and Preston Polytechnic, he worked in industry as a designer for a year before training to teach at St. Katharine’s College of Education, Liverpool, where he specialised in printmaking, painting and sculpture. He also taught at Speke Comprehensive School, Liverpool from 1973 – 1999, during which time he gained a B.A. degree from the Open University in the History of Architecture and Design.

He has exhibited at the Pentagon Gallery, Stoke on Trent and was a member of the Society of Graphic Artists and exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London with a number of works being shown in private collections.

Fr Williams has worked in various media including printmaking, 3D, painting, designs for glass etchings and digital drawings but now mainly focuses in acrylics on canvas, with work being exhibited on two art gallery web sites.

He has also produced designs for two large glass panels in the entrance vestibule of St Columba Church, Anfield in Liverpool and a large glass screen at the entrance to the ringing chamber at St. Mary’s Church in Walton, Liverpool.

His skills have allowed him to lead workshops and activity sessions in art and design for both adults and children, the latest being the banner making workshop at the Walsingham day at the Cathedral in October of this year.

His Ministerial career has been varied, but has been mainly focussed on the Merseyside area, having been trained for ministry on the Northern Ordination Course, ordained Deacon in 1996 and then priested in 1997. He served as an NSM at St. Basil and All Saints, Widnes, Merseyside and then, when offered stipendiary ministry, he left his teaching post at Speke Comprehensive in July 1999, moving to serve as a curate at Christ Church, Padgate, Warrington for a two year period. He was then appointed as incumbent of St. John the Evangelist, Walton in north Liverpool in 2002 and worked in the Lifelong Learning department of the Diocese as an officer for PIME from 2002 until April 2009.

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