Liverpool Cathedral – Terry Duffy ‘MONUMENTS’

imageTerry Duffy ‘MONUMENTS’ at Liverpool Cathedral 
10 March – 29 March 2009 
The MONUMENTS installation at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral by the Liverpool born international artist Terry Duffy is a pan European project. 

It was launched in Liverpool in 2008 during its year as European Capital of Culture at the Martins Bank building, now closed waiting reinvention and once regarded as the grandest banking hall in Britain. At Martins Bank, MONUMENTS was entitled, ‘Without history there is no future’.

MONUMENTS at the Liverpool Cathedral is a powerful fusion of architecture, fine art and religion. It questions, challenges and informs architectural and spatial democracy, contemporary aesthetics, cultural and religious legacy and is in stark contextual contrast from grandiose banking hall to vast religious edifice.

The MONUMENTS paintings have been many years in the making and Duffy has a long-term fascination with mankind’s legacy. He chooses to present his work within the context of iconic buildings that through their significant human history and iconography, question and challenge perceptions of the past, present and future. After Liverpool, MONUMENTS goes to London, then onto Venice during the Biennale and then hopefully Istanbul. Further locations are also in planning.

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