Liverpool Cathedral – Taming Smoke by Amanda Griffiths

a-griffiths-100Independents-short-100 Taming Smoke by Amanda Griffiths
4 – 29 September 2010
A collection of smoke fired ceramics with drawings, paintings and photographs to show the underlying creative practice.

With my ceramics I aim to produce collections of simple, quiet forms that have reliant components and are in multiple sets with commonality. They evoke a sense of ceremony and I hope that people are encouraged to want to hold them.

By examining the relationship between my hand building (coiling, slabbing and extruding) and smoke firing I have created a cycle of making and drawing that will enables a refinement of each simple process. Parts of the work have been burnished and waxed and small elements have colour from dyes and enamels. I enjoy using drawing and painting as a tool to test the validity of my designs and have taken this further by producing more considered still life paintings and developed drawings of my pots.

My trials with smoke firing have been erratic with so many variables that can affect results, I utilise masking techniques by using sand, foil and slips.

The venue of Liverpool Cathedral is of great importance to me and is the reason I live on Merseyside. My great grandfather came from Wales to work as a stone mason on the building at the turn of the century and died of a dust related chest illness at the young age of 36. The placement and containment of my work will reflect the atmosphere evoked by the venue of this exhibition.

Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.


The exhibition is in the Lady Chapel at Liverpool Cathedral.
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Amanda Griffiths