Liverpool Cathedral – Derek Culley: Golgotha

DC-Pano-100‘Golgotha’ – exhibition by Derek Culley. Across Cathedral’s Great West Doors
7 March – 26 April 2011
(09:00 – 17:30 each day)
Celtic imagery and associations recur constantly in Derek Culley‘s paintings, and some can be traced to the manuscripts produced by the early Celtic monks, particularly the Book of Kells.



Born and educated in Dublin, Derek Culley is essentially a Celtic artist mainly self taught and intuitive in approach. He came over and settled in mainland Britain in the 1970’s. 

As a young man his visual imagination was stimulated by early Celtic stone carvings on exhibition at the National Museum in Dublin.

This work has been shown in USA and UK.

Review in Nerve 2008.
“The Golgotha pieces could and should be transposed into a series of stained glass windows. They are spiritual in the sense that a human being has contemplated the big issues of what the Buddhists would call ‘samsaric existence’ – the chaotic hurly-burly of life whose roundabout we long to step off but which attracts us to stay in spite of everything.” Sandra Gibson reviewing FÍS CUC 2008

“ Golgotha – The Place of the Skull”
(14 Panels of Meditation)


“The Stations of the Cross inspired my approach and inspiration for the work. Raised and churched in Roman Catholic Ireland of the 1950’s and 60’s I was tutored in the story and suffering told in / by the Stations of the Cross. There is much more to the standard Stations of the Cross as seen in Church’s. In “ Golgotha –The Place of the Skull” I offer an alternative view. The titles of each Panel are my response to the panels and are intended as a starting point for you the viewer. How you, the viewer respond to the panels and titles I have given is a process of your own experience with the panels and titles. There is no right or wrong response; for your experience with each panel is personal; as was my naming each panel. I believe thinking is important for ones spiritual development. My thoughts I share with you, for meditation is an endless journey and experienced in endless ways.
Let’s begin!” Derek Culley

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Golgotha is 30 ft long 59″ high 14 panels with 2″ gap.