Liverpool Cathedral – Aftermath exhibition

liv-cath-100Aftermath exhibition
16 – 30 August 2010

A moving exhibition showing the harrowing effect murder can have on victim’s families. The series of photographs, were taken in victim’s homes to highlight the devastating effect murder can have on those left behind. …A collection of large photographs, slideshows and prints which will be on display at the Anglican Cathedral. Members of Families Fighting for Justice will be attending the event on each day of the week-long event.

Among them will be Jean Taylor who lost her sister, son and daughter to murder.

Jean, 59, from Liverpool said: “When a person is killed it makes the headlines and the public sympathise with the family for a short time. But people move on and forget and it soon becomes yesterday’s news.

“But for us, the familes, there is still one empty seat the dinner table every night, an empty bedroom and a traumatic experience that has repercussions forever.

“We wanted to work with Tim on this project because it shows the distress left behind, the families going about their daily routine with this huge void in their life.

“It has a positive message as it charts the journey Families Fighting for Justice has been on and shows how much our group has achieved in the last few years.


Jean’s daughter Chantelle was brutally murdered, her body has never been found. The murderer , Stephen Wynne was given a 21 year sentence, which was reduced on appeal to just 18 years.

Other stories shown in the exhibition include a 7 week old baby killed by her own father. He was given just 2 years imprisonment.

Another details the death of a young man who had his house burgled and set on fire while he was asleep in bed. His killer got a 4 year sentence.

This is a unique event, the first time this has been done.
Hopefully it will send the message out about how we have to cope following the murder of a loved one.

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