Liverpool Cathedral – ‘Icons in Transformation’

icons-in-transformation-100Liverpool Cathedral – ‘Icons in Transformation’
1 February – 18 March 2010

This new exhibition by Ludmilla Pawlowska will be unmissable, because not only is the subject matter, modern Icons, well worth seeing, but also the fact the there will be no less than 180 pieces of contemporary art and sculpture in the building, so that you won’t be able to avoid them. Dramatic and intriguing, the exhibition also features 12 large suspended sculptural pieces together with some smaller works, which will be displayed throughout the cathedral.

Russian-born Ludmilla, who moved from Moscow to Sweden 15 years ago, has been deeply influenced by the colour and symbolism of the art of her home country: “Icons have a spiritual power,” she says, “a divine light and I try to capture that light in my own way. You see the eyes and you are hypnotised. You can’t escape them – it’s like God sees you.”

Ludmilla Pawlowska