Sefton Park Palm House: An Occasion Hosted by Isabel Lewis

unnamed30 September 2014


Free, booking required 

Isabel Lewis’s hosted occasion will be open to the public from 7-10pm. Visitors are welcomed with a small offering of something light to eat and a drink and can come at any time and stay as long as they please during this time frame. Different from exhibition or theatre formats that create a space of distanced observation, and in the case of performance or theatre that make use of the excitement and anticipation of the “event,” the occasion offers the conditions for a bodily experience of relaxation and well-being where the entire human sensorium, including but not predominated by sight, is engaged.  As the host Lewis unfolds a dramaturgy specific to this occasion in Sefton Park Palm House, its guests and their energies, that includes dance, music, and spoken address.

An Occasion Hosted by Isabel Lewis is a Frieze Project co-commissioned by Liverpool Biennial, ICA and Frieze.

Isabel Lewis will be hosting a series of occasions as part of Frieze Projects in London from 14-17 October 2014


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