Liverpool Academy of Arts: ‘Glastir’ SP Prescott

5 – 14 July 2011 at the Liverpool Academy of Arts,  ‘Glastir’ by SP Prescott.

With work not before seen outside of London or St Ives, SP Prescott, the founder of Hanover Galleries (in 1984), returns to her hometown, with an exhibition that will not fail to fascinate.

These interdimensional pieces live their own lives. They grow within and without of themselves, and the finished concept seems oblivious of constrictions, its complexity unimagined at its beginning. The works describe inaccessible containments of ungraspability, their elusive nature living in indeterminate space.

Image:  ‘Reality in Ether’.

Visit her web site to learn more about her.

Open 5th to 14th July, Tuesday to Saturday, 12 to 4pm.