Liverpool Academy of Arts – Sanctum

candle-darkness-100Independents-short-100 Sanctum
21 September – 8 October 2010
is the creating of a sacred space within a gallery setting involving all of the arts. Sanctum seeks to nurture and inspire within the participants an experience touching on the nature of god, the holy, the numinous, the divine, love, the eternal, the spiritual and the hopeful from any religious tradition or none.

Sanctum is a highly participative event seeking contributions from anybody drawn to it. There are four elements to it: Altar-natives, Flagging Spirits, Walk Unknown and Shedding. Altar-natives is the creation and sharing of altars of significant, personal and sacred objects/images/sounds/smells touching on those things close to the heart and soul of your life. 

These altars could be a collection/assemblage of 3D objects arranged on a surface, or 2D papers within a frame. Altars may have solid forms or be a more formless arrangement of light, sound or smell. Altars may combine all of the above and appeal to all the senses. Altars could be traditional or shockingly original, based around a particular faith or elements of many philosophies and ideas. Flagging Spirits: Be uplifted and flag-up your spiritual perspectives by creating prayer flags.

These could resemble those in the Nepalese or Tibetan Buddhist style or depart into new definitions of the flag in terms of shape, size, content, design, colour and materials. Walk Unknown: As part of the project Walk Unknown Crass Routes will be creating a labyrinth, an installation which forms an invitation to take a contemplative walk. The labyrinth will utilise the worn red bricks and ropes found on local beaches that are integral to Walk Unknown. Crass Routes artists Janette Porter and Marko Muller have been working with The Big Issue in the North vendors on this project since 2007.

Everybody is invited to participate in Walk Unknown. Shedding: A small number of wooden sheds will be designed and constructed using recycled materials, creating a temporary exhibition. The installation will be a space both for quiet reflection and for expression. Materials to make a contribution will be available in the shed.

Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.

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