Lark Lane Atelier – Deenagh Miller

imageDeenagh Miller – Paintings and Pastels. Exhibition: 6th September to 18th October 2008
Deenagh Miller is an artist with her own unique form of expression which appeals to people all across the spectrum. Her work is in many private collections, a significant number of them in Bristol, where she lives. Some of her works draw on what se has experienced on her travels. The latest were done during her residency in India. Deenagh’s talent lies, however, in her Inward Eye where her imagination flowers into amazing fantasies.

imageA lot of the images originate as doodles. Deenagh’s particular interest as an artist is the relationship between the inner world of the imagination and the outer world we have to inhabit as human beings. “The studies of psychology, perception, and the factors of thought, feeling and intuition are what I try to put into my pictures”, she explains, “A kind of doodling or daydreaming often produces images which reflect these preoccupations.”

The subjects of these images are usually the female/male, animals, monsters, angels, the fairy world and the elements of the natural world. And the opposites- in Deenagh’s pictures these can take the form of love/hate, good/bad, the beautiful/the ugly, peace/violence, doubt/ faith, sadness/ happiness. Sometimes the sense of scale is distorted – people can be small, animals enormous or visa versa.

The elements of nature which frequently play a part usually take the form of light/dark, colour/monochrome, and organic structures such as those found in the molecular world sometimes appear. “In my life experience these things affect us all, whether we are conscious of them or not in the constantly changing environment to which we have to adapt“, says Deenagh.

Several themes emerge as dominant ones, such as relationships – those between men and women, the drama of these whether in a private or public place, eg the theatre – and those between animals and humans, our interdependence and feeling for and about them.

The environment and nature – how this has become a present concern for us leads to issues such as genetic engineering and its impact on humans, animals and the organic world.


“Myth and religion – the history of these and their rich imagery influences my work.” says Deenagh, “I am interested in how to develop the possibility of a contemporary visual imagery that communicates a meaningful and contemporary narrative.”

For further information, contact Frances Conway-Seymour at the Lark Lane Atelier, 33 Lark Lane, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 8UW. Telephone 0151 727 5355 or 07989 432537. E-mail