Lantern Theatre: The Boy with 1000 Jobs

image00128 July 2014 
Tickets £10 for standard and £20 for front row VIP and available at the box office at the theatre or to pre-book now goto
Robert Mogsa  is proud to present The Boy With 1000 Jobs, live at the Lantern theatre.
This amazing young lad from Liverpool, has literally turned his CV into a book. Due to the success of the book and this has now seen him thrust into the world of the big stage. Rob grew up in a place called Dingle in Liverpool and has always had a passion for comedy and writing. This led to an unhealthy obsession with working and trying out new jobs.
The play will take you through his CV where you will laugh your socks off and you will get to see some of the amazing characters he has met throughout his life. It’s a true story comedy about himself and this obsession with jobs. The message is simple Rob wants everyone to know you really can achieve anything you put your mind too. Don’t let anyone ever tell you no and knock your confidence, we are not robots, we are human beings.
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