Lady Lever – ‘Victorian Visions’

Exhibition ImageVictorian Visions – 19th Century Photography
Dec 1 2007 – Mar 16 2008

The exhibition contains around 40 original photographs and offers a fascinating insight into the Victorian view of the world.

The images, from the V&A’s collection, include those by major names such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Lady Hawarden, Roger Fenton, Francis Frith, Robert Howlett and B.B. Turner.
National Museums Liverpool curators have selected images that complement the Lady Lever Art Gallery’s outstanding collection of Victorian art. The photographs provide interesting points of comparison to many of the paintings on display.

Sandra Penketh, head of the Lady Lever Art Gallery, said: ‘Some of these images record the Victorian world and people, others are more reminiscent of paintings. All of the images are incredibly beautiful and powerful. The achievement of these early photographers is quite amazing when you consider that the whole process was still experimental. It’s easy to forget the often arduous and time-consuming nature of photography in the Victorian period when you are faced with the sheer brilliance of these pictures’.

The exhibition is divided into five sections – early works, landscape, documentary, women photographers and portraits


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