Kirby Gallery: Andrea Cotton

StART Space Gallery, Kirkby Gallery, Knowsley

16 April – 7 July 2012

 Andrea Cotton’s practice involves the presentation of data gathered from prison life whilst working as a teacher.A  completely personal interpretation is demonstrated where by everyday objects become something else: used for another function entirely or as a means of barter. Everything and everyone is constantly being counted and obsession becomes a form of control. The obsessiveness of the prisoners, the meticulousness of the system, the repetitive and mundane elements of life inprison are all factors of my art process which is founded on drawing, exactnessand the necessity of counting.

 Location:Kirkby Library / Gallery, Newtown Gardens, Kirkby, Knowsley, L32 8RR

Openingtimes: Monday & Friday: 9.15am – 5pm, Tuesday & Thursday: 9.15am– 7pm, Wednesday: 9.15am – 1pm, Saturday: 10am – 1pm.