Kazimier: Sancho Panza

unnamed17 April



Advanced tickets from http://www.thekazimier.co.uk/listing/00000000274/

Local creative crew, The Wild Writers, are back with SANCHO PANZA, a new night of music and wrestling, during which some of the city’s fastest, strongest and most nimble-fingered writers will enter the literary wrestling ring, and battle it out for the title of SANCHO PANZA World Heavyweight Champion.

The score: Six masked writers. Three rounds. Five minutes.  One Belt.

The masked luchadore writers face each other one-on-one to write the ultimate short story in five minutes. The stories are projected live for all to read and keep up with the action.

What these literary greats will write is up to them. With the broad spectrum of a blank page before them they will soar into anything from fantasy, romance, realism, comedy, science fiction to drama in the blink of a drop-kick to the eye.

Each round will be decided by an independent panel of judges. They will send the victorious writer through to the next round to continue their fight, before forcing the loser to face the ultimate forfeit: the stripping of their ceremonial mask.

Finally the winner will be awarded The SANCHO PANZA World Heavyweight Title Belt.

On the night there will be LIVE LUCHA WRESTLING. 

Two stallions of the ring will be grappling and flying through the air in SANCHO PANZA’s very own Lucha Exhibition Match. In short, knee-capping, choke-slamming, ball-busting action, guaranteed. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. You get the picture.

Wild Writer DJ sets all night long.



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