Independents Biennial: Access Denied

unnamed24 July – 26 October 2014


A photo/installation work from Simon Mack in collaboration with Prashan Danushka Marasinghe, an artist from Sri Lanka.

Access Denied questions and highlights the issue of global migration flows and in particular flows to/from both Merseyside and the EU for non nationals. One artist is UK born and enjoys unlimited travel with his UK passport. The other artist is Sri Lankan and experiences quite different travel access.

unnamed-1The photo/installation now on display at the derelict warehouse in Birkenhead highlights these issues as well as offering a reminder of the area’s former industrial base now relocated to other local areas as well as overseas. A case of reverse economic flows perhaps.

M+M will probably never be able to meet in person.


M+M (Mack + Marasinghe: UK + Sri Lanka)

Cleveland Street warehouse district, Birkenhead