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Huyton Gallery Knowlsey: Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes,  23 January – 14 April 2012, Huyton Gallery Knowlsey

An exhibition celebrating and revealing
Stockbridge Village through the eyes of its residents.

Single-use cameras were issued to local residents with the view to gathering a collection of personal and honest stories of their lives and the many faces to the village. The brief was simple, to ask local residents to document their lives and activities over the course of 24 hours –  as long as the photos provided a visual
insight into the real Stockbridge, we asked people to document it! It was up to everyone taking part to decide what images to capture and how to compose the photographs – the results being displayed as part of this exhibition for the first time. The photographic exhibition has come about through the support of ‘The Catalyst Group’, who are a group of local residents and community partners, who meet monthly to discuss the needs of people within Stockbridge and to identify opportunities for all. The photo diary images are the focus of the exhibition, alongside other photographic works by residents of Stockbridge and quotes which reinforce the important context of understanding and knowing about where you live.We would like to thank everyone from Stockbridge Village who participated in this exhibition.