Hope University Chapel: ‘The Hidden and the Revealed’ by Thekla Kampelmann

Friday 9 October – Thursday 19 November 2015
Hope University Chapel: ‘The Hidden and the Revealed’ by Thekla Kampelmann

The Hidden and the Revealed is a cycle of eleven groups of mixed media paintings and objects that feature the Coat or Cloak as symbolic of destiny and something that can both hide and reveal identity.

Kampelmann seeks to explore traditional symbols and connect them with the challenges of life in our modern world. Key to her exploration are the ideas of the German theologian H. Küng and the Jewish Rabbi Friedrich Weinreb.

The work cycle provides a contemplative progress through ancient and modern theological narratives encountering ideas of time, knowledge and the academic gown. The Coat, “Addereth” in Hebrew, standing for that which can be received or passed on as a gift, of the humanly possible and the hidden revealed.

Thekla Kampelmann was born in Germany and undertook her doctoral research at the University of Dortmund, linking Art History and Foreign Language Teaching within Cultural Studies. Her work and teaching have taken her to France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Thailand, Hong Kong, India and the United States.

In the UK she has developed her art practice alongside teaching in schools, universities and adult education and she is a teacher of German and Art at Stockport Grammar School. Regularly exhibiting internationally, she continues to be interested in the intersection between the teaching and learning of language and the practice of art with the development of art history.

The Chapel, Hope Park, Taggart Avenue, L16 9JD
Located on the west side of Taggart Avenue through the Gateway Building. Visitors are very welcome.
The Chapel is a working worship space, please be sensitive to the needs of other users.

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