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Unity Theatre: Joseph Mercier & Paniclab – of Saints and Go-Go Boys

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8 November 19.00 and 21.00

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE & CO-COMMISSION. In a hedonistic world decorated with cheap glamour, three outcasts create their own distorted version of a family as they seek a different kind of Sainthood through glorious self-destruction. Mixing fantasy, reality and theatricality, the show recounts the trio’s wild and spirited final chapter.  Inspired by Jean Genet’s novel Our Lady of the Flowers it is an erotically charged descent into a world of misfits and sinners that honours the abject, the shocking, and the profane.  Please be advised this piece contains very explicit sexual content. Co-commissioned by Homotopia & Unity Theatre.

£10/£8  Box office 0844 873 2888