Gallery4AllArts – “Thinking Abstract”

Emil-Moritz-Perfection-100“Thinking Abstract”
6 February – 31 March 2010

“Thinking Abstract”- a group show from artists working in a variety of abstract mediums such as: painting, etching, collage, mixed media, drawing and photography.

Exhibiting artists:
Andra, Richard Ashworth, Nicole Bartos, Fanchon Frohlich, Andor Komives, Jo Bywater, Eimear Kavanah, Adel Kiss, Mick Gill, Sue Ironfield, Emil Moritz, Nagachoo, Colin Serjent, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Stanislaw Krakiewicz and others. Artists are generally based in the Merseyside area with the exception of the international guests: Nagachoo (Japan), Andra, Emil Moritz, Andor Komives (Romania), Adel Kiss (Hungary).

Venue Details

Mick Gill


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