Gallery4allarts – Ricky Anderson & Nicole Bartos

volcano-ricky-andersonNew work by artists: Ricky Anderson & Nicole Bartos
12 December 2010 until further notice

A collection of subtle and evocative collage series that mines surrealism, horror and natural history for inspiration from emerging artist , R. Anderson accompanied by N. Bartos’ s cycle of expressive and extremely  energetic abstract drawings on music by Brahms, Jeno Havalyi, Beethoven  and  mirrored momentary energies.

“Nothing is quite as it seems…” (R.A.)
Ricky Anderson – is an emerging artist, who graduated in 2006 from Wimbledon School of Art, London, and since, has exhibited through Eastgallery, Soup Gallery, Old Truman Brewery, Parade Space and Corsica Studios in London. Recently the artist has moved to Liverpool and this is the first exhibition presented here with the cooperation of Gallery 4allarts and  Nicole Bartos.

Nicole Bartos – artist and curator, born in Romania and established in Liverpool since 1998, has worked and collaborated with many prestigious local and international artists, from a wide range of artistic backgrounds such as, Peter Frúcht, Marina Moreno, Terry Sullivan, Derek Culley, Michael Meldru, Lei Liang, Nagachoo, Fanchon Fröhlich and many, many others. She has curated many exhibitions and retrospectives to date and since 2006 has  established and runs Gallery4allarts. ( Gallery 2/ Gallery4allarts, still hosts the exhibition of her most recent cycle of abstract paintings: “Capturing Threads of Light”.

Venue Details (Gallery 1 at Gallery4allarts, Lark Lane)

Drawing by Nicole Bartos

Volcano by Ricky Anderson