Gallery4allarts: Paintings & Drawings – Nicole Bartos

Nicole Bartos at the Old Police Station, Lark Lane -Nov 2011

Gallery4allarts: Paintings & Drawings – Nicole Bartos

3 Exhibitions ongoing abstract art exhibitions throughout 2012

Venues and opening hours:

The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8UU

Opening hours: Monday- Saturday,10-3pm or by appointment.  (Showing paintings)

Oasis in the Park, Sefton Park, Liverpool, L17 1AP, tel. 0151 726 1556


Opening hours: Monday- Sunday, 10-4.30pm (Showing paintings)

Ginger Up, 449 Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 3JL, Tel. 0151 7337979

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday, 10-5pm. (Showing paintings and drawings


“Capturing threads of Light” is a cycle of abstract paintings, which can be viewed throughout various public venues during 2012. At its origins it was presented as a site specific installation part of the 2010 Liverpool Biennial.  Since, over 40 canvases have been added to the cycle. It is described as a revelation of colour vibration and light filtering illusion that welcome you to take a journey of meditation and peace. It has also a quality of personal research into the world of ‘meditating with colour’, ‘feeling the painting’ and the ‘spirit of art’ through painting and music, etc.

Fascinated by art, Nicole mingles metaphysical and spiritual philosophy with meditation and pure art; by discovering an extra-sensorial world, her canvases embrace an invisible side; she aims to paint the spontaneous uncontrolled and immaterial, the ethereal and, meditating while painting or, painting while meditating, builds in pure  chromatics, energy flowing, and a concept of fusion with the ‘light’. She loves prayer of the heart and aims to link art to this side, of immaterial things, hoping to achieve a valuable, beneficial  and healing universal pulse/ vibration through art; a progression of steps on the spiritual ladder. Often, but not always, paintings are mainly created along with meditative instrumental and contemporary or classical music which allows the mind to settle into a state of peacefulness.”Capturing Threads of Light”, has become a new experience in the way of working and welcoming the ‘Light’  as pure creative energy through art and soul, inspiring many abstract exhibitions and specific audiences.”(N.Bartos)



Nicole Bartos

Visual artist and Curator/ Gallery4allarts



Mobile: 07756912911