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nbartos-ctl-2b‘Capturing Threads of Light, 2’. New abstract paintings by Nicole Bartos. 12 – 26 March  2011.
Venue: GALLERY4ALLARTS – Gallery 1
. A new  exhibition featuring abstract paintings by artist Nicole Bartos.

In parallel, Gallery 1 and 2 host until the 19th March only, a surprise exhibition presenting a broad collection of traditional Chinese paintings by artist Hu Genshen, originally from Tianshui city, in North West of China. Both exhibitions will be open to the general public on Saturday, 12th March, 12-4pm. All welcome.

About the exhibition, artist and work:
Nicole Bartos – “Capturing Threads of Light, 2”

Nicole Bartos, is an artist fascinated by metaphysics, spiritual philosophy, discovery of the extra-sensorial world and particularly by the spiritual and healing potential of abstract painting and music. Acknowledges art as a ‘healing force’ and beneficial. She has been creating and exhibiting, since 1997, in the field of abstract, experimental (research) and conceptual art using a range of media: mixed-media, installation, land-art, ceramics/ sculpture, painting, drawing and photography. Independently, Nicole has been curating many art projects and exhibitions to date.  
Since, 2006 Nicole Bartos has initiated and runs Gallery4allarts.

Graduated from the Ioan Andreescu Visual Arts Academy, Cluj – Napoca, Romania, (presently, the Academy is known as the University of Fine arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca), and though she has trained in Decorative Arts/ Industrial Design and Artistic Ceramics, has been painting for over 19 years. She excells within the field of experimental and mixed media art, pursuing a personal research for  ”Structures and geometries” as part of her Postgraduate studies.

The experimental skill and endeavour for inventiveness using original combinations have always characterised the artist, and whether she was using ceramics, mixed media, painting or land art, she has always managed to find creative solutions and a unique style.
In her past conceptual orientations through paining, the artist has been influenced by some artists’ works such as, Soulages, Chagall, Zao Wu-Ki, oriental style brushwork techniques (Japanese and Chinese), Christo, and most recently, since 2007, by artist and philosopher Fanchon Frohlich, through Collective Phenomena.  (Since late 90’s, Frohlich initiated the  ‘Collective Phenomena’, igniting the idea of  dialogue between the conscious and subconscious through art and the wonderful exchange between artists at level of their higher self, while painting together in dialogue and accompanied by live music.) As an influence and result of this, Bartos has applied the idea of creating with and for the benefit of the higher self and so,  in art she encourages free, experimental abstract painting in dialogue or collectively with her students, most of whom don’t have an art background.

Her latest paintings, continue the earlier cycle started a year ahead, “Capturing threads of light”, and bring a new approach within the experimental and expressive abstract brushwork techniques, that allow music and energy to take shape through colour and vibrations.
Text: Nicole Bartos/ Gallery4allarts/ 09/03/ 2011


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Thursday 3.00pm – 5.00pm;
Friday 12.00 – 4.00pm, Saturday 12 – 3pm

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Capturing Threads of Light 2 – Nicole Bartos