Gallery at Hard Days Night Hotel – Willard Wigan

imageWillard Wigan – Micro Sculptures. Exhibition: 28 August to 31 October (extended) 2008
Willard Wigan MBE (born 1957) is a sculptor from Wolverhampton, England. He was awarded an MBE for services to art in July 2007. He is the creator of the world’s smallest sculptures


Often taking months to complete one, working between heartbeats to avoid hand tremors. The Hard Days Night Hotel Gallery in association with Turner Fine Arts are proud to announce that the first public exhibition of the work of the celebrated micro-sculpturist, Willard Wigan MBE will be coming to Liverpool between 28 August 2008 and 30 September 2008.

The Willard Wigan tour has been met with unprecedented reviews around the country, with each venue having to extend the time this unbelievable collection of art has been at each venue.

Leisure entrepreneur and former tennis star, David Lloyd purchased the 70 piece collection in May 2007, which was subsequently valued by Lloyds Insurers for £11.2m. This makes each piece worth about £160,000.

The exhibition at the Hard Days Night Hotel will feature 22 pieces from the collection. To whet the appetite, there is already one piece in the Gallery to give a flavour of things to come.


The artwork is so minute that it is barely visible to the naked eye. The work will be housed in easy to view cases including microscope lenses trained on the work. Images are available at and but a full understanding of the intricacies of this work can only be achieved through a viewing ‘in the flesh’.

The exhibition will incorporate various works including the Lloyds of London building created on a pin head. The piece, which is made from white gold and platinum, was recently bought for £94,000 at auction.

This will be Wigan’s first public exhibition for five years. Many have described Wigan’s work as ‘the 8th wonder of the world’.

“You have to control the whole nervous system, you have to work between the heartbeat – the pulse of your finger can destroy the work.”

Wigan uses a tiny surgical blade to carve microscopic figures out of rice, and fragments of grains of sand and sugar, which are then mounted on pinheads.

To paint his creations, he uses a hair plucked from a dead fly (the fly has to have died from natural causes, as he refuses to kill them for the sake of his art).

His sculptures have included a Santa Claus and a copy of the FIFA World Cup trophy, both about 0.005mm (0.0002in) tall, and a boxing ring with Muhammad Ali figure which fits onto the head of a match.

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