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Festival of Firsts: The Long and Winding Road (Play by Lisa Founds)

11 July

Lisa Founds



Melrose Hall, Hoylake – Performed by West Kirby Theatre Company

Family holiday and world events inspire road trip play set in 1980s USA.
Lisa Founds, writer and director of The Long and Winding Road, has been a member of Hoylake and West Kirby Theatre Group since 2006, but has only recently started to write for them.
Says Lisa: ‘This is my second play and is based on a true story, inspired by my family’s experiences in America because whenever I told anyone tales from the trip they always said I should write them down! Although based on some true events, some of the incidents have been fictionalised for dramatic impact and the characters are only loosely based on my family.’
The story follows a Hoylake family and their adventures travelling around small-town America in 1981. Six months earlier John Lennon had been murdered outside his hotel in New York, Lady Diana Spencer was about to marry Prince Charles, and Britain experienced widespread political riots in a number of it’s major cities.