Fallout Factory: Reginald Orme & Richard Hughes Our Hands Were Always Dirty But Our Minds Were Always Clean

Richard Hughes 'How things change..... I used to know it well.' (Detail) 2014
Richard Hughes ‘How things change….. I used to know it well.’ (Detail) 2014

16 May – 3 June 2014 

11.00 – 17.00 Tuesday – Saturday


Private View 16 May 16.00 – 22.00

Reginald Orme’s work looks at our ability to control access to information about ourselves – what some call “informational privacy” – is rapidly diminishing. Data mining and digital profiling are opening up what most would consider private domains for public consumption and manipulation. Access to vast amounts of information held by government agencies, libraries, and other information storehouses has been restricted. All this is meant to be helping to protect us but if we don’t know its happening how can we regulate who shares this information and who regulates it.

Richard Hughes goes about exploring and materializing ideas of Memory, Faith and Legacy. He is Interested in the emotional attachment we all have for our own and loved ones identity and history and how this effects our present experiences, values and attitudes. The work uses strong elements of materiality to invent and construct Text, Sculpture and Installation that create a‘very personal and uncanny experience,’ whilst also commenting on those universal elements of human existence. Interested in the idea of Schemata, Hughes emphasizes our inherent differences by exploring familiarity in object, image and environment.

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