Fallout Factory: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” Steve Gibson

josephFullfigure23 August – 5 October


Steve Gibson left Liverpool in the early 80’s and since then has travelled and lived in many different countries. He has been living in Zaragoza for 15 years, a place he now considers to be his base. His ties to Liverpool however are still strong “ Liverpool is still a place I return to, whether physically or spiritually, it is for me a fixed reference point, everything I do I feel in some way or other comes out of the city, this is what sets it apart from any other place I have lived in.”

Despite having previously exhibited in solo shows in Toronto, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, and as well as taking part in group shows and numerous Art Fairs throughout the world,“Jesus , Mary and Joseph” is Gibson’s first exhibition in the UK.

The title,“Jesus , Mary and Joseph”comes out of the many Liverpool Irish sayings that were frequently branded about during the artist’s childhood and, according to the artist, was the starting point for the exhibition.

The three life sized figures which give the show it’s name were created especially for Fallout Factory:

Jesus; a respectful, almost classical revisit of the crucifixion. As well as the religious iconography the artist experienced growing up in Liverpool in the 60’s and 70’s, Gibson also draws on the religious icons prevalent in Spain.

Mary; a portrait of one of the numerous girls who proudly stroll through the City Centre in rollers, and who he believes are typical of the City’s many idiosyncrasies.

Joseph; Mayor Joe Anderson in pyjamas.

Alongside these three life sized figures, the visitor can also see earlier sculptures dating back to 2009.

In addition the artist brings with him six life sized drawings, which form part of his project lasArmas300.

www.lasarmas300. com, is a 10 year long project the artist initiated in 2011 in the centre of Zaragoza. It aims to create a collection of 300 portraits of anonymous passers-by. Using a camera placed in the studio window, anyone can take a photograph of themselves. Each month a computer randomly selects three photos, the artist then draws the selected images. The drawings are displayed for a period of six months in the studio before being stored.


Fallout Factory Gallery, 97 Dale St, Liverpool



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