Look11: Big Society – Simon Barber at FACT

13 May – 26 June 2011 at FACT. Big Society – Images by Simon Barber

A road trip along the hidden lanes and narrows of the UK,  The Big Society examines Britain from the perspective of  people trying to negotiate their way through the chaos brought about by a nation’s leaders  unshaking belief in the Voodoo economics which took the country  to  the brink of bankruptcy in 2007.

By turns  tragic, sinister, banal and just plain daft  Si Barber travelled 12000 miles around the UK  over three years  photographing not the movers or the shakers, but those surviving  the will of the powerful. The shop staff made to dance for their employers each morning, the sex workers stumbling around the darkened streets of Bradford looking for punters. The skivers and the  squaddies, the lucky and the losers.

Location: FACT
Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday – 11am – 9pm



Image: Simon Barber – Crackpipe